Height: 5'2
Age: 21
Boston, Massachusetts
Lindsey is the current title holder of Miss Petite USA. 
Her mission is to use this platform to shine more light on petite women. She hopes she can become a person who can inspire more petite women to feel confident going after things they want to achieve. 

Her journey to pageantry came after losing her mom at a young age. She looked up to beauty queens as her own role models in her life. The challenge to being raised by a single father led her to creating something positive for herself, in hopes she can motivate and inspire girls who may come from a similar background as her.

As her time as Miss Petite USA, she has already helped over 500 women using her platform More Than Fashion, providing clothing and building self confidence for women. Petitegrls wishes her the best during her reign and looks forward to see Lindsey continue creating social impact for our petite community.  
Let’s get to know our Petitegrl, Lindsey!
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Q: What inspired you to do pageants?
A: I started competing in pageants because I lost my mom as a child and was raised by a single dad which caused me to look to titleholders as female role models in my life. I wanted to do the same for other girls across the world and help them gain the confidence to follow their dreams.

Q: Have you ever been treated differently because of your height?

A: I think people have unintentionally not taken me seriously due to my height. A lot of people compare being petite to being childish and not seeing us as the leaders many of us are capable of being. This has made me work even harder to prove I am capable of big things, regardless of being small!

Q: What adversities did you face during your pageant journey?
A: Unfortunately, many pageant fans and systems prefer tall women so finding my place in the industry was something I had to think about. I am thankful to have found the Petite USA system where my height was celebrated and accepted! 
Q: What personal challenges have you faced as a petite woman?
A: I am a lover of all things fashion which,  unfortunately, is an industry that still lacks petite representation. Finding styles that have petite women’s bodies in mind can be a challenge. However, I am working on a project that could be a solution to this issue!
Q: Do you think your height should define what you can or can not do?
A: Absolutely not! Physical traits are out of our control. What is in our control is the way we carry ourselves, the hard work we put into the things we care about, and the way we treat others. These are what we should be using to define a person’s capabilities.
Q: Have you ever felt insecure about being petite?
A: Honestly, I have always seen being petite just a part of who I am and not something I am ashamed of. I have always known it was something that other people may see as a negative thing but I see it as a positive because I am able to encourage other petite women and show that you can be powerful AND petite!
Q: What do you personally feel like petite women struggle with the most?
A:      I feel petite women struggle most with the way they are overlooked in so many industries as other people may perceive us as weak which of course, is not true!