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Height: 5'1
27, Dallas, Texas
I invented CuffedUp because clothes never fit me off the rack and sleeves would drown me out. Whenever I wanted to wear oversized sweaters, for example, I ended up with a marshmallow body! I realized pushing up my sleeves showed off the smallest part of my body- my forearms. That changed my style forever.
The problem was, my sleeves wouldn’t stay up. Especially on my silk blouses! So I invented CuffedUp- it works on any type of sleeve to shorten it and stay pushed up. I even us it on my kimono sleeves. 
I think my experience is proof that being different has it’s perks and it lets you see the world in a totally different way. This is a huge advantage when trying to stand out and craft ideas others haven’t thought of yet.
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Q: Has your height ever been an insecurity? 
A: Yes! Not because of my height exactly, but because of how I carry weight differently than other girls. I used to be insecure of my body shape because I rarely found clothes that fit off the rack. But this turned out to be the biggest blessing in my life and lead me to invent CuffedUp. It keeps sleeves rolled and lets me shorten sleeves & pants without a tailor.
Q: ​ Do you feel confident in your own body?
A: I am getting there. I think  it’s a lifetime of work and being aware of how you view yourself. What kinds of words go through your head when you look in the mirror? Usually it’s our subconscious that tells us we don’t love our bodies. I’ve done a ton of work to love myself including hypnotherapy- I’m reprogramming the toxicity that the media has but into me about what beauty really is.
Q: What has made you feel accepting as a petite or do you still struggle to accept?
A: There’s nothing I can do about it! So why struggle with acceptance? There are many things in life I CAN do something about, so I don’t waste my energy on the things I can’t change.

Does your height matter to you?

It does because it’s one of  my greatest assets. I have sold over 15,000 pairs of CuffedUp since launching just over a year ago. My height gave me an advantage to look at fashion in a new way and create solutions that work for real women!

What is your fashion staple at the moment?

Right now, it's CuffedUp! It adds a colorful pop to my rolled sleeves and keeps them from coming down- perfect for my giant cozy sweaters. I don't leave my house without them!

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