2021, the journey begins here petitegrls

Petitegrl @Esiri_Trowsse

It is 2021 petitegrls!

Another year, another chance to see more change...

I am looking forward to growing more close as a community. YOU are all part of this journey with me and I am so excited to see where this takes us next.

As we are making it into the first month of the year, I find it is important to start off strong.

Although I did take a 2 week break away from work mode, I was looking forward to coming back with exciting things for Petitegrls!

So what is next ?

Well with anything that I decide to bring onto this platform, I always need to make sure the community is involved in some way. I find the best way to grow anything is to create a space where it is possible to flourish in. Being able to engage and include the petite community is so valuable for not only Petitegrls but for the overall journey.

I find building up this platform with the support of the women behind it makes it so much more motivating and rewarding. I always love seeing the amount of engagement we get from Facebook as well as Youtube and Instagram. Being able to build this real connection with a group of women is exactly what I was aiming for.

As far as plans for our petite community, I hope to build more awareness around relatable & uplifting content. It is always important for me to show authenticity through the things I create for this platform. I want continue voicing things that have been pushed aside, expose the hard truth and shedding more light on the issues petite women face.

I also look forward to bring on Petitegrls Radio this Spring and am excited to bring on merch for our community this year!

I continue to believe that this platform is onto something big and I know 2021 is not ready for us... I can't wait to experience it together!

Yours truly,


Founder of Petitegrls