Amplify your look with simple jewelry

I never liked jewelry as much as I do now...

I personally feel adding a few jewels on yourself can really help amplify your presentation.

I feel very polished and well put together when I make the efforts to add on a few rings and earrings to my look.

Photo by Petitegrl : @vanessaa_li

Jewelry doesn't need to be expensive either. As long as you have a few statement pieces in your collection then there is no need to splurge on more.

I currently get my jewelry from H&M & Nordstrom. However, I know that jewelry can be purchased anywhere! If you are on a budget, H&M would be good as a starter then you can work your way into better quality like Mejuri.

Key everyday pieces I recommend for every Petitegrl:

  • 3-4 silver/gold rings

  • 1-2 dainty necklaces

  • 2 pair of stud earrings ( diamonds or pearls )

Overall, I think if you are looking for ways to feel more well dressed, look no further. I believe jewelry speaks for itself and there is never a need to overdue it.


Just a few pieces on your hand and maybe add a pair on your ears and you'll feel much more presentable. I promise.

Photo by Petitegrl : @vanessaa_li