Finding the right pair of denim for petites

Petitegrl @priyswa

Let's face it, finding denim can be really tough for petite women...

It's too long, too big around the waist, too loose or just not made for our frame...

I know it can be frustrating petitegrls and I can relate 100% on how difficult it can be finding the right jeans for your petite frame.

Jeans are interesting and they have their pros and cons.. however I will say it is important to have at least 2-3 pair of staple, fitted denim that you can wear all year around.


My favorite style denim is straight leg, skinny and flared cut. I also prefer having the denim be high waisted, that way it will help elongate the petite frame.

I also suggest finding styles that appear more timeless. I think having a straight leg and skinny leg are styles you can wear for many years. I've kept a pair of skinny's from A&F for 4 years now and they still are a staple piece in my closet, whether I tuck them in my boots or pair them with sneakers.

Versatility is the key and I suggest finding styles that you can work around in multiple ways & for many years.

I would avoid baggy, loose style denim because it can take away the structure of your frame.


As for my preferred wash, I prefer dark/light denim, black or white denim. I think these 4 washes are easy to style and I can transition them through each season.

I think color is an overall preference and there is nothing wrong with the color choice you decide to go with.

Petitegrl @priyswa


Now for the fit..

I usually look for a pair of jeans that defines my waist, bum and legs. If it doesn't flatter at least 2 out of the 3, I usually will skip out. The fit is what is the most important to me before style, price and color.

I find when it comes to jeans, it can either define and flatter your frame or it can undefine your frame, making parts look flat, loose or baggy.

The key is looking at how it defines your petite frame. I emphasize this because I see many petite women ignore that part and end up wearing denim that unflatters their frame even more.


Classic brands like Levi carries great fit, styles and colors. However if you are looking for a good investment, Agolde is a brand to try. Quality, fit and style are all there with this brand and although it is on the pricer side, I will say it has to be my favorite brand of jeans.

Zara, Topshop and Aritzia also has a good selection of denim that fits petites. However the long length typically comes long so tailoring usually along with Zara styles.

I am a huge sucker for cutting my own Zara jeans and having them look raw cut at the hem. I personally like the way it looks and with a pair of mules, it looks so effortless and chic! I recommend only if you like that type of look.


When it comes to styling, I enjoy wearing my denim jeans both causally and professionally! I find denim has such great versatility.

My favorite ways to wear my denim jeans are with a pair of kitten heels/mules a bodysuit and a long drapey cardigan to balance out proportions.

Be sure to check out how I style my denim jeans in my original series, Styling with Petitegrls!

Best of luck, Petitegrls!