Best hairstyles for petites

The are a variety of hairstyles you can do to really amplify your overall look..

The Top Knot Bun (Heatless)

One of my favorite go to hairstyles is the top not bun. It not only looks sleek and sophisticated but it really lifts your brows and eyes, which looks really flattering.

The High Braid Pony (Heatless)

This hairstyle is my signature and it's so easy to do. It just consists of a high pony tail and braiding the pony tail all the way. I love adding my baby hairs to the front and accessorizing with a scrunchie depending on my outfit choice.

The Blow Out

On days I want to look more polished, I will gravitate towards this style. It's not really blow drying your hair, rather it is just straightening your hair away from your face and slightly curving the ends in. This hairstyle will look like you had a blow out but really it is just a basic technique you use with your hair straightener.

To top this off, I use a cotton headband so hair doesn't get in my face but you can skip this step if you want a full blow out look.