Best winter coats for petite women

Petitegrl @Soniaheartsfashion

It is coat season petitegrls...

I know the search to finding a coat is can be frustrating for us petites...

We have to constantly try on until we find a style and fit that will actually compliment our height/ body frame.

I find that @Aritzia has been the most successful when it comes to size, fit and color.

Not every style will fit but most styles can be worked on petite figures.

I most recently bought 2 winter coats from @Aritzia and I find the only issue was the sleeves were long. I personally recommend Aritzia coats over any other brand because their quality is a lot more better.

My top style coats (petite friendly) from Artizia are:

Coat #1 : The Stedman Coat

Coat #2 : Luxe Group Lounge Jacket

Coat #3: Wilfred Charlize Jacket

Coat #4: Wilfred Acre Blazer

However, if you are looking for something a bit more affordable, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch and Asos have a few great selections! Typically petite sizes do sell out though so buy as soon as you can!

Coat #1 : Twill Trench Coat

Coat #2 : Wool-Blend Coat

Coat #3: Wool-Blend Belted Dad Coat

Coat #4: Calf-Length Dad Coat

Tips to find the perfect coat for your petite frame:

  1. Length: Don't go any further than few inches pass your knees. If it is too long, it can make the coat look like it is wearing you. If you like the coat but it is a little bit too long, then hem/tailored it.

  2. Arms: Either roll the sleeves to give a causal look or hem the sleeves for a more polished look, remember to not leave it as it is. If the sleeves are too long, there are ways to fix it!

  3. Shape: Shape is so important even if the coat is a bit structure. The key is to make sure there is not too much material or room. This one is an obvious tip but it is something that many can overlook. As petite women, we have to focus on more tailored styles versus oversized coats.

  4. Color: the shade/tone of color you select is very important ladies... Remember, a coat is an investment and something that you can wear for years to come. Selecting the right neutral color will give the the ability to style easier and transition into different seasons.

  5. Quality: Let's face it, we all can't splurge on a Max Mara coat...however we still can choose quality that is close enough. I find quality is the most crucial thing when it comes to finding a good coat. It not only will make your outfits appear more polished and elevated but it will last longer than a year. Whether you have to save for a good coat or break it into payments, it will be more worth it than purchasing a low quality one.

Petitegrl @estherguirre

Good luck ladies!