Ways to elevate your style (Budget Friendly)

So how can I look expensive while staying on a budget?

Surprisingly, it's a lot easier than you think and I am going to share you my own tips so you can try out yourself.

Tip #1 : Handbags

Handbags can make or break your outfit sometimes and to me I think it definitely adds a lot more value to your look overall.

My personal tip is to find bags that look/appear similar to a designer bag. I personally don't have the spare budget to splurge on a Chanel bag right now so my alternative is looking at bags on Zara.com, Asos.com, etc.

Zara is where most of my staple bags are from. They not only are budget friendly, but I find the quality to be great as well.

Here is some hand picked bags I know will elevate your outfit. However remember you have to dress with the bag or else it will defeat it's purpose!

1. Pleated Bucket bag

2. Snake Skin Maxi bag

3. Crossbody Wallet

4. White Leather Backpack

5. Minimalist Mini bag

6. White Shoulder bag

Tip #2

Sticking to staple pieces!

I know it can hard to hold back from trendy pieces but the best investment for my budget friendly girls is to buy staples!

Staple pieces refers to timeless pieces/styles that you can mix around in your wardrobe throughout time. Whether it is a staple denim jacket, a pair of white trousers, or a satin blouse, as long as you can incorporate it into your outfits consistently then you can rely on it as a staple.

A few must have staples for me is a nice pair of trousers, a classic satin/silk blouse, denim jacket and white heels.

1. Trousers

2. Blouse

3. Denim

4. Heels

Tip #3

Sticking to neutral tones..

I can not express how much neutral earth tones can really amp up your look.

Finding the right shades can be challenging in the beginning but once you learn and get a feel of the color palette you will know right away how to select your colors.

A few of my favorite tones are: Beige, Ivory, Slate gray, Blush pink, Moss green and Mauve pink.

From selecting the right color palette for your wardrobe, it not only gives off a polished look but it creates a fresh and clean approach to your overall presentation.

Tip #4

Fresh face, off the duty makeup look..

I personally have gone through so many different makeup stages in my life..but I can say a fresh, dewy, natural face is the best to amp up your overall look. Plus its easy to for all to achieve!

I have loved wearing tinted moisturizer, mascara, brows, blush and bronzer.

My favorite products lately have been:

- Summer Fridays CC Serum

- Kosas Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer

- Kosas Tinted Face Oil

- Laura Mercier Blush in Ginger

- Maybelline City Bronzer in Medium

Now its time to try these tips out yourself!

Goodluck my loves!

xoxo Petitegrl