Elevating your wardrobe from ground zero (Petite Guide)

Petitegrls @labelswithlattes

As we move onto this next chapter, it is important to focus on these details I am going to share.

Although it is important to embrace and enjoy being petite, I have some key tips to elevate your frame so you don't fall looking even more shrunk in height.

One personal tip is wearing flowy fabrics. They really enhance the beauty of the petite frame. I love wearing silky, flowy dresses, pants and midi skirts because it gives a great illusion of a longer torso and legs.

Every small detail makes an absolute difference. The more you follow through this essential guide, the more simple it will be styling yourself.

Let's dive in...

Color coordinating

Color coordinating can really play a huge factor in terms of your frame and proportion. Wearing the right colors from top to bottom will either balance out your frame or can cut you off. When I select colors I coordinate them with a lighter shade on top and darker on the bottom. This can be reversed but the point is to make sure the colors are cohesive and balanced out.

Fabric selection

When it comes to fashion, I believe that selecting your fabrics is another important thing to help elevate yourself.

Fashion pieces can be identify easily in my opinion and cheap quality can look noticeably by the eye. Therefore, the key is to focus your attention on how the fabric looks, feels and wears.

Look for fabrics that shape and sit well on the body while appearing luxe at the same time... Satin, Crepe & Triacetate are great fabrics that are look exceptionally well in trousers, blouses and dresses.


The silhouette of the clothing is something that can make a huge difference on how you look in your clothes.

I recommend focusing on how the fabric drapes on you, how it feels on you and where it hugs you. If the piece doesn't flatter you in those 3 ways, I say pass on it and find something that will define and shape your petite frame.

Amplify your jewels

Whether it is sliver or gold jewelry, adding a few finishing jewels can really amplify your look. Jewelry doesn't need to be expensive either. As long as you have a few statement pieces in your collection then there is no need to splurge on more.I currently get my jewelry from H&M & Nordstrom. However, I know that jewelry can be purchased anywhere! If you are on a budget, H&M would be good as a starter then you can work your way into better quality like Mejuri.

Sleek hairstyles

Having a sleek presentation always appears very polished and well put together.

Try out a sleek mid-low bun, braided pony tail or sleek up-do. When your hairstyle is not all over your face and is tamed, I find your overall look gets elevated.

The Top Knot Bun (Heatless) One of my favorite go to hairstyles is the top not bun. It not only looks sleek and sophisticated but it really lifts your brows and eyes, which looks really flattering.

The High Braid Pony (Heatless) This hairstyle is my signature and it's so easy to do. It just consists of a high pony tail and braiding the pony tail all the way. I love adding my baby hairs to the front and accessorizing with a scrunchie depending on my outfit choice.

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Best of luck petitegrls!