Fall trends 2020 for petite women

We are heading into fall/winter season and it is time to review what are the "hot" picks that would compliment petite women.

Petitegrl @thedesidolls

Cropped Blazers

I find that cropped blazers are really flattering on the petite frame and it helps elongate the rest of your body. I most recently was at Zara and found an oversized cropped blazer that I fell in love with.

Cropped blazers definitely can be tricker to style but I was able to come up with few looks with this piece itself. I would say pairing it with high rise trousers, denim and midi skirts would be the most complimenting styles that would pair best with cropped blazers.

Outfit inspo: Cropped blazer with jersey turtle neck, a sweater midi skirt and platform sneakers.

Leather trousers

Leather in general is going to be really hot this season.. I never thought I would get into this trend until I found these pair of leather trousers from Aritzia. I am completely obsessed and I am so hooked on finding more leather pieces now.

I personally think when it comes to a good pair of leather pant, you want to make sure you are selecting a good cut/style. For example, leather leggings can appear more for an evening look which can make it more challenging to wear in the day time. I recommend finding a neutral color instead so you have more options when it comes to styling.

I find a neutral pair of leather pants can be a lot more wearable for day time & it'll actually work well with all seasons.

Outfit inspo: Leather trousers with a chunky cable knit sweater and ankle boots.

"Mom" Styled Trousers

I have been loving this trend, especially on petites! This style of trousers is not meant to be cropped but not long as well. The length should stop a little bit past your ankles, just like mom jeans!

What I personally like about these trousers is how relaxed & luxe it looks, especially when paired with loafers or kitten heels. I found a gorgeous pair from Aritzia most recently and I was so happy that I didn't need to get it tailored. It fits nicely and hugs in the right places on my petite frame.

I recommend looking for an earthy tone so you easily transition this piece from season to season!

Outfit inspo: Mom styled trousers with a silk blouse tucked in and statement loafers. Add in a cardigan if it is chilly.

Leather Outerwear

Another leather piece that will be very popular this season is leather outwear (coats, blazers and jackets).

I found a leather "shirt" that I decided to wear as a jacket instead from Zara. The fit is amazing and it looks really great on my petite frame. I feel like this trend is going to be here to stay, as I see it as a classic piece for petitegrl's every closet.

I love leather in neutral tones like gray, beige and browns. It really makes the piece very versatile and easy to wear than black leather. I recommend sticking within those colors for a more classic and luxe look.

Outfit inspo: Leather on leather would be an interesting mix. Pair a leather jacket with a leather skirt, tights and sneakers.

Loose High-rise Denim

Loose denim has been such a huge hit this year and I feel like it will continue to transition into the fall and winter time.

For petites, finding loose denim can be a hit or miss. From fit, length to quality, loose denim can either be flattering on the petite frame or drowning.

I find that Zara has a good selection of great fitting denim from high rise to loose fit. My tip is to find a pair of loose denim that is high rise rather than low rise so it can help elongate your legs.

Outfit inspo: Long sleeve body suit, Loose high rise denim and pointed heels. Layer on a trench coat and cross body bag to finish off the look.

Suit sets

Matching suit sets have been so popular this spring and summer & I personally see this trend transitioning in the fall season as well.

For petites, my tip is to build your own set rather than trying to find one from on specific brand.

Suit sets can have a different fit, both top and bottom and so it is important to make sure both pieces fit and compliment your frame. Do not get both pieces just because it is a set, get it if only it fits and compliments you well.

I used to think matching different tones/shades together was uncohesive but I now I personally enjoy it. If shades are just slightly off, it'll actually add more dimension into the look itself. Try not to mix two colors that would clash with one another.

Outfit inspo: Mixing a darker shade of navy, blazer with a pure navy, pair of trousers. It'll give two different textures while remaining cohesive. Add along gold jewelry and white kitten heels for a polished overall look.

Overall I find these trends to be what I will be rocking this fall and winter season & I hope this better guides you to finding key staple pieces for your own fall wardrobe.

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