Fashion hacks for petite women

What is better than fashion hacks for petites?

Over the past few years I have found a few staple hacks I think you would find very helpful when it comes to fashion.

Petitegrl @K.els.e.y

Hack #1

The reverse tuck for your winter coats or jackets.

This hack works on specific outerwear pieces so note that not all styles will work the same.

I take a few inches of the sleeve and neatly tucked it into the inside of the sleeve. I tried this hack on one of my winter coats because I was a bit lazy to hem it. I realized how cleaned it looked while giving a illusion that my sleeves are hemmed..

Best of both worlds!

Hack #2

Raw cut denim

This is one of my favorite ways to hack the length of my jeans without taking it to the tailors.

Take your denim and cut the length of yourself.

The key is to wear the jeans with a raw cut hem. It is fashion forward and can be worn both causally & dressy.

I love paring my raw cut denim with some kitten heels to help elevate the look.

Hack #3

Color coordinating illusion

When it comes to elongating your legs a bit, try wearing the same color for both your bottom and shoes.

The same colors will somehow give off the illusion of longer length.

Colors I recommend:

- Nude/Beige

- Black

- White

- Navy

- Brown

Darker colors will work better.

Hack #4

Men's sweaters

Turn men's sweaters into your very own sweater dress!

I typically go two sizes up so the length falls where a mini dress would hit.

This is an easy way to find a sweater dress length that would flatter well on petites.

Tip: Go thrifting for them! I find that the thrift stores have a great selection of oversized, grandpa style sweaters.

So if you are looking to experiment with this hack, you can do it cheap and friendly!

Hack #5

The Oversized makeover

This hack works well on sweaters, long cardigans or button up shirts.

When something is a bit too boxy or out of shape on your frame, try using a thick or thin belt to sinch around the waist line.

This simple hack helps adds definition and dimension to your outfit and for your frame.