Fashion hits for every petite women

Fashion trends can be tricky for petite women sometimes...

We get excited to try out new and different trends however many brands don't cater to our petite frame.

This continuing problem ends up making it more challenging for petite women to find and pull off "trendy" fashion pieces.

I have listed current and past trends I have tried myself and believe they are a hit on the petite frame!

Petitegrl @Callherclassy

High waisted trousers

This is something I recommend for every petite gal. I find high rise pants help elongate the legs effortlessly. It also makes your bum defined and perky!

Petitegrl @Ammaarah

Long duster coat

This is one of my favorite style coats. I find long clothing can actually look nice on petites however it just has to fit our body shape. Whether it is a wool style coat or a sheer light style, the main focus is to find something that fits your shoulders and bodice. The length can always be taken in easily so don't need to worry too much about that.

The best way to style this coat is with some ankle cut trousers, midi dress/skirt or denim for a more causal look.

Petitegrl @connnielau

Half up do

Hair matters too ladies!

I find this adorable hairstyle is cute and very flattering. It may look different on everyone but it is a hairstyle to try out!

Petitegrl @Vibewithnat

Leather trousers

Aside from finding a good length, leather trousers look really great on petites. It may not be everybody's cup of tea but it is a trend that I find compliments well on the petite frame.

Pair it with a body suit and long cardigan for a suitable look for the office or you can dress it up with a cropped sweater for a evening look.

Petitegrl @Stephweizman

Cropped sweater with high rise jeans

Of course this is a fashion hit and a outfit a lot of us probably have wore already. However I find that it looks great if the pieces are selected well.

When it comes to the cropped sweater, I find it looks flattering when it is a little bit above your belly button. If it is longer then it will not look exactly cropped and it can actually make your torso shorter.

As for the denim, high rise and ankle cut is what I personally find the most complimenting on petites. I also think it looks a lot more clean and polished.

The way to pair your high rise denim is with some mules/kitten heels to help elevate the bottom half of your body. I would avoid sneakers because it can cut your legs and make you appear shorter.

Petitegrl @Kathyn17

Double color combo

This isn't really a trend but more of a fashion hack for petites.

When you wear a similar, darker shade for your bottom half, it gives an illusion of longer torso and legs.

It is a great way to slim down the legs as well.