Fashion Staples for petite women

Let's face it, fashion can be a huge challenge for petites however to simplify things here are a few fashion staples I recommend for all petite women.

Petitegrl @evepecak

High rise trousers

I think every petite women needs a good pair of high rise trousers. I find high rise trousers are the perfect style pant to help elongate your torso but also flatter your legs.

When it comes to finding a good pair that will suit you, I always recommend going for a more tailored style as opposed to a loose style. Tailored trousers will keep the looks more cohesive and clean while giving you more versatility for varies of settings.

My favorite pair of high rise trousers at the moment are the Wilfred Tie Pant in Light Birch. The trousers are the perfect length for petites and can be worn with basically anything. I enjoy wearing my trousers with a long sleeve body suit and kitten heels during office hours. When it comes to dressing it more causally, I would wear it with some slides/loafers and a loose sweater tucked in.

Petitegrl @evepecak

Midi Dresses

The best yet perfect style dress for petite women are midi dresses...

I find midi dresses to be extremely sexy and chic. Whether you are going into work or meeting up with some friends, a midi dress is the perfect in between piece you can dress up and down.

My favorite type of midi dress are form fitting and loose.

I love silky/satin fabric midi dresses because they define and sit on the petite frame so effortlessly.

Form fitting fabrics like ponte knit and spandex are great too. They hug the body very nicely while framing your petite figure in all of the right places.

Best brands for midi dresses:

- Lover + friends

- Aritzia

- Superdown

- Nookie

- Lacademie

Duster cardigan

Another petite must have are long cardigans.

Although we are petite, I find wearing a long cardigan is very complimenting on the petite frame. They not only pair nicely with dresses, trousers and denim but they are such an easy piece to wear for all occasions.

My personal favorite is from The Group by Babaton. I own 3 neutral colors and I rotate them throughout the week. It is easy styling and looks great with most of my other pieces.

Style tip:

When it comes to styling a longer cardigan it is all about balance.

Avoid wearing lengths that are not proportionate with a long style cardigan. For instance, I would style my cardigan with high rise pants and a top that is tucked in ( Similar to photo above). This way it will help elongate the body while balancing out with the longer length.

Kitten Heels

Although wearing high heels are sexy and gives you a bit more confidence, I find kitten heels can do the same.

I discovered kitten heels this past year and I am so obsessed with the way it compliments my outfits while being super comfortable to walk in.

My recommendation is having a pair of white, nude and black pair to rotate with.

I find that having those 3 classic colors makes styling so much easier and gives you the chance to be more creative with your outfits.

Kitten heels are a classic staple yet hidden gem that not many petites realize.

Less is more and this is all you will need to elevate your wardrobe.

Style tip:

A pointed toe heel makes your foot appear longer. When paired with some flared trousers, your overall look will appear a lot more dimensional.

Open toe will shorten the length of your feet. (Which isn't a bad option either but something to note!)

Best brands for kitten heels:

- Franco Sarto


- Schutz

- Jeffery Campbell

- Tony Bianco


Lastly, to finish up your fashion staples, add in a few body suits.

Bodysuits have been such a easy way to not worry about tucking in any excessive fabric.

This hidden gem helps keeps things looking smooth and polished. I find styling is 10x more easier when I have a body suit to work with. The versatility creates less time spent on pairing something together and it makes styling so much simpler!

I recommend having a long sleeve body suit, to wear as a layering piece underneath a blazer or jacket. In addition, having a short sleeved and cami style body suit will be an easy undergarment for blouses, dresses and sweaters.

Style tip:

I personally enjoy wearing body suits with trousers and a light weight jacket. I typically put on my body suit on first and from there it helps me navigate through what I feel like wearing. So when you are in a hurry and do not know what to wear, start off with a body suit and from there, styling will feel a lot more quick and easy.

Best brands for body suits:

- Aritzia

- Commando

- Spanx

- Naked Wardrobe

- Free people