Feeling confident without heels...

Sometimes it’s okay to ditch the heels and just embrace your height for what it is. We tend to rely on heels to make us feel taller and confident with ourselves however I’m here to tell you that being petite is perfectly okay too.


Sneakers, loafers or slides...

To be honest, wearing sneakers or loafers isn't a bad thing. I find being able to feel comfortable with my height and rocking a pair of loafers looks better than walking awkwardly with heels on.

Elevate your style

I find that elevating your style versus putting on a pair of heels will be so much more appealing to the eye.

I know we get wired to think that putting on a pair of heels will transform your outfit from nay to yay but I am here to tell you that is that the case.

I've seen ladies petite and tall wearing heels with an outfit that looks like no effort was even put in.

LADIES this is your moment to invest in your style and find pieces to amplify yourself. Don't solely depend on heels to make that happen.

Make space for your height

Yes...whether you are 4'11 or 5'2, make space to love your height.

Don't get caught up trying to always look taller or admire other women who are taller. Let those all go!

In order to really enjoy being petite you have to make room for it.

Confidence first, heels after

I find feeling good about yourself will give you a boost of confidence when you do choose to wear heels.

Nothing looks more awkward than seeing someone feeling insecure while walking in some stilettos.

Build up your confidence first ladies!

Embrace it...

Nothing looks more beautiful than being able to embrace you, for who you are.

Being petite is a special thing yet we tend to overlook it because there is still very little representation shown in media, entertainment and marketing ads.

If we can start now and embrace the beauty of being petite, our own perception will change.

At the end of the day ladies, your height can't be changed nor should it define you as a person. The best thing to do is just to accept it for what it is and find ways to make you feel more positive about it.