Finding the perfect trousers, for petite women

Petitegrl @petiteelliee

I would say looking for the right pair of trousers can be a hit or miss for petite women. With this guide I will make things a lot easier for you to find your perfect pair of trousers that will fit your petite frame.

When it comes to finding the right pair of trousers I usually look for a style that would flatter and compliment my frame from top to bottom, not just one or the other.

Look into how it fits around the waist, how it feels when you sit, the way it moves when you walk, etc... These all factor into finding the ideal fit of trousers for you.

Flare/ Wide leg

Surprise here but wide/flare cut can really help elongate your frame without the need of wearing super high heels. I never thought wide leg trousers would look that great on me because of my petite frame until I started to experiement with this trend a few years ago.

Flare/wide leg trousers flatter the petite frame nicely and it's perk is giving us an illusion that our legs are longer than they actually are. I recommend finding a high rise pair to further elongate the rest of your body.

As for material, I like gravitating towards polyester crepe because it flows and sits nicely on the body. It also doesn't wrinkle as easily which gives you the ability to wear it for a longer period of time.

Styling wise, you shouldn't have to wear tall heels with it, easily pair with some kitten heels or mules and you are good to go.

Petitegrl @Alisonbarbs

Ankle cut

Ankle cut is a classic style that goes well with most petite women.

This style trouser is the most classic cut for the petite frame because of the tailored length. It also is very versatile when it comes to styling. There are many ways you can approach this style, from dressing it causally, professionally to dressy.

I personally love wearing ankle cut trousers for all occasions whether it is for work, dinner date or running errands.

And the best part is, I can easily pair it with flats, sneakers or heels...

Straight leg

Straight leg can be a style that can either look great on petite women or it can be a hard pass.

The reason why I have it on this list is because I discovered myself how flattering and great it looks on my own petite frame and it definitely took me by surprise.

Straight leg can easily cut off your frame but when styled the right way, it can really give a very classy and polished approach for petites. I personally love pairing a pair of loafers with my straight leg trousers and a loose blouse on top.

I wouldn't pair sneakers or flats with this style because it can cut off your frame even further. I recommend sticking with slides, kitten heels or mules to keep the overall look clean, simple and put together.

I styled a pair of straight leg trousers in episode 1 of Styling with Petitegrls! I hope it can give you a better visual of what I mean about the style itself.


High rise is a great style of trouser for petite women. The style itself helps elongate and define your petite frame.

I have never went back to low rise or even mid rise bottoms because it doesn't really flatter me as much as high rise does.

I also love having a lot of variety styling high rise trousers. I have much more options with my tops, whether I want to wear something cropped or tuck in for more of a polished look.

Overall these are styles of trousers I truly believe fit and compliment petite women the best. It is based on my personal styling and you can take in whatever resonates with you the most :)

My main focus is to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to finding the right pieces that will look good on your petite frame!

Stay fashionable<3