Health: Taking care of your mind, body and soul during quarantine

Photo credit @mikaelasundlor

Mental health, spiritual health and physical health are all so crucial and important to maintain a youthful, happy, peaceful life.

Unfortunately many of us overlook these 3 important factors because we can get caught up with stresses that usually take up most of our time and energy.

I am someone who still struggles from depression however I have learned to face it head on instead of coping with it. I believe it is better to admit that you are depressed rather than avoiding it. I find having the confrontation with my depression was how I can learn to better overcome it.

2020 has been a crazy year so far and it was definitely not expected to be in quarantine for an ongoing 5-6 months.. However in times like these, your mental health is so important and it really takes a lot of strength to remain positive and healthy during a global pandemic. Like I mentioned before, it is more wise to face it than to avoid it.

Avoiding and pushing your depression to the side will cause it pile up in the long run and it will not make it any easier to overcome.

So how can I maintain these 3 key elements in my life?

Take time to journal a few times a week

I most recently got back into journalling and it really has helped me store my thoughts somewhere else besides my head.

It is nice to go back and re-read things I have wrote so I can reflect when I am more calm with myself.

Sometimes transferring your thoughts from your head to paper will really open up more space for your mind to think of better, positive and healthier things.

Take a moment and sit with nature

Nature is a free resource that we all have available to us to de-stress. I find sitting in the presence of nature has given me the chance to actually breathe at my most calmest state. It also helps me clear my mind, organically.

Create something that you love

I can't explain how important this is.

When you are able to use your creative mind to make something out of love and passion, it becomes a healthy addiction. During the the rise of this pandemic, I created a facebook group for petite women and it has directed me to create

Doing something you truly enjoy & love will bring actual meaning to your life.

Eat healthy but treat yourself as well

I've always kept a consistent and healthy diet for most of my life but recently I realized I needed to make room to enjoy myself too. It really is all about balance and moderation.

I feel a lot better allowing myself to eat things I want while making room for things that are healthy for me. I think it makes life so much more enjoyable when you can have the best of both worlds.

Discover something new

It makes life more fun when you are able to learn something interesting and new. I think people don't realize that each day is an opportunity to learn and grow not to live life on snooze.

The chance to learn or do something new each day is right in front of us but it is up to us to take the opportunity, so what are you waiting for?

I hope during this time in your life you come out of it, greater than ever. I really believe that everything happens for a reason and each hurdle is there to teach us something.

Remember to take care of yourself Petitegrls! <3