Do you fall under Petite?

Photo: Rosacrespo

Petite women comes in all shapes and sizes.

However I think a lot of people get mixed up between petite being small and skinny versus falling under 5'4.

To clarify what petite actually means...

Women who fall under 5'4, regardless of her body shape/size.

Now that we classified that term and you fall as a petite, what can you do to feel great in your frame?


Style is the foundation to making you feel good, both inside and out. I can't justify how much confidence it has given me when I really invested in the right pieces for my frame.

It will take time to discover what will look good on your own petite structure and body type, but once you mastered the best styles, patterns, colors and materials that look good, shopping will be a lot simpler!

Self love

Self love is something everyone should be doing, whether you are petite or not. However I do believe having love and appreciation for your body type and frame is so important.

When you learn to love yourself and all parts of yourself, the less you will need to compare yourself to someone who looks taller, skinnier or curvier than you.

I know it is easier said than done however if you can practice with self love & care, on a daily basis, then you'll realize that being a petite women is so special, powerful and beautiful.

Awareness & Affirmations

Each day, take a moment to remind yourself of who you are and say it aloud.

"I am beautiful, confident and sexy, just the way I am"

"I am enough"

"I am powerful"

"I am thankful"

With the repetition of these affirmations, it will create a belief from within and you will start believing and living through life more confident, as a petite women.

Everything starts with you. So remember to love yourself with all appreciation, work on yourself daily and take moments to take care of yourself.

Photo: Rosacrespo