How to be happy in your own body

When it comes down to feeling happy in your own body, it does not just mean physically. Your body also consists of your mind and soul...

In this article, I am going to share you few ways you can attract more happiness into your mind, body and soul.

Care less of other's opinions about you

This is a hard one but something that is not impossible to do.

When it comes to trying to find validation from others, ask yourself why does their opinion even matter in the first place?

If you are happy, you feel good and you enjoy whatever it is you are doing then that is all that matters.

Try to cancel out more of the comments, thoughts and opinions others may have about you and put your focus back on yourself. It is a lot easier said then done but I honestly feel like once you learn to blur out outsiders, the more whole and happy you will feel with yourself.

Fine tune your social follows

Keep your following clean and real...

Clean meaning to not follow everyone you discover on social media. Try to refrain from that habit and keep your follow, add and subscribe at a minimum.

Another is to keep the people you follow realistic with your life. It can be addicting to want to follow someone because of their perfect photos but try not to get hooked to that.

I find following people who I want to network with and inspire me is so much healthier for my own mental well being. Sometimes you can't follow everyone, choose your circle wisely.

Keep things simple to follow

When it comes to living a happy, free life, try not to obsessed over too many things at once. Live more in your present moment and keep your schedule light and easy to manage and follow.

Until you build a steady and consistent schedule to follow, then try adding in more fun activities or tasks. Less is more and life is so much more enjoyable when you are not cramming so many things in!

Take care of yourself when you feel low...

In times of darkness and sorrow, whether it may be from work life, love life or personal life. When you are able to recognize that you are feeling low, take that as an opportunity to give yourself some extra attention.

Whether you need a bubble bath, facial, retail therapy or a date night with yourself. Take care of yourself during the times you need it the most, don't ever feel sorry for that.

Go after what you want

I find the most satisfying thing in life is to work hard and go after something you believe in.

Sometimes it can be sticking it through with your lover or taking that leap into a new career field... I was someone who was always shy and had so much doubt within myself. I never would have thought it was possible to be where I am today. It was all about visualizing what I wanted out of my life and I made it happen.

Life is not easy but it is worth every second when you are able to follow what you want in life.

Nothing is more beautiful than that.

Embrace who you are now but make it a goal to become better

We can forget how amazing we are take time to reflect and remind yourself of everything you have accomplished to get to the person you are today.

You may not be completely satisfy with your current self but its better to accept who you are now rather be hard on yourself for who you are not.

I always find new things each and everyday to accomplish, whether they are big or small. The main purpose is to be consistent in making you a better version then you are the day, month and year before.

Empower others

The most powerful trick to feeling more happy with yourself is to empower others during the process.

When you are able to uplift someone you are empowering yourself at the same time. I find the most happiest people are not afraid to spread their own energy on others.

I experienced this manifestation when I didn't hold myself back from complimenting others. I would put out into the universe that I want to support women rather than envy them. From there I was able to feel better about myself and the less I worried about comparison and jealously.