How to conquer comparison

Petitegrl @labelswithlattes

Let's face it, comparison is our worst enemy and it can really suck out the life of us if we allow it to.

The media and many brands fall into this chain reaction of using similar methods to help promote themselves. It not only purposely includes women who appear "perfect" but it creates a unrealistic approach to how women should look like. It is not healthy nor does it make sense to make women feel as if they are not already enough.

“It’s not a clear representation of real women”

Petitegrl @labelswithlattes

When it comes to feeling compared or being compared to something you see through social media, an online store or an ad blown up on a billboard, my best advice is to remind yourself that they are just an image of the brand. They are just normal people at the end of the day and there is no need to put them higher than you.