How to dress in business, as a petite woman

Petitegrl @aiyaadams

As someone who works in sales/corporate environment, presentation is so crucial for me.

Over the years, I have learned and discovered the right styles that would compliment and flatter my petite frame, in a professional work setting.


I never liked blazers because they looked too professional but I was underestimated after finding a tailored, petite blazer for my frame from Club Monaco.

Blazers are very effortless when paired the right way. I personally love pairing my Navy blazer with complimenting colors to help balance out the structure business look. I recommend to ease away from a basic black blazer and try out Navy, Beige, White for a more versatile approach.

Blazers will never go out of style, so making a good investment in a quality one is a smart move!


Trousers are my favorite fashion piece to style because of how big of a difference it can make to your entire look. As a petite woman, I love flared cut, ankle cut and straight cut trousers. I find these particular cuts look the best with heels which is typically what I wear when I am at work.

I would say Aritzia has really great quality trousers that would fit the petite frame pretty well. Another would be H&M, for a more budget friendly option.

Slip On Midi Dress

I am so obsessed with midi dresses. I love how I can have the option to dress them causally and professionally. I also enjoy the way midi dresses fit on my petite frame. I think it is a great piece to wear in a more corporate environment without looking overly dressed up.

I understand midi dresses can be a hit or miss for petite women due to length however I think Revolve and Aritzia has good styles that would compliment petite women.

Close Toe Kitten Heels

I find that kitten heels are so chic and make a great piece for everyday business attire. I enjoy wearing kitten heels because they are comfortable yet they give me a nice elevation in height.

I am only 5'1 but adding a 1-2 inches really makes a difference in how my entire look comes together.

Similar heels to what I wear: White Suede Studio Aisha Mule

High Waisted White Denim

I love being able to mix together causal and professional pieces. It not only will open up your options and give you a lot more variety but when styled the right way, you can get away wearing denim to work... (Shhh!)

I enjoy wearing my high waisted white denim jeans but it can come off too causal if I don't balance it out on top. So for that I work with a professional or polished top/outerwear just to make the entire look to come together.

A go to outfit of mine is pairing my navy blazer with a v-cut camisole on top, my white denim as my bottom and pointed white kitten heels as the finishing touch! I am able to pull off looking professional yet still be able to wear something "causal" to work.

My exact pair of denim: Agolde Remy High Rise Straight

I think looking polished but still adding your own signature style is so important. It's not fun to just blend in and wear what everyone else is wearing! Style is one of the ways you can fully express yourself and I think being able to express it through what you wear is so bold and empowering.

Best of luck, petitegrls!