How to elevate your petite frame

Although it is important to embrace and enjoy being petite, I have some key tips to elevate your frame so you don't fall looking even more shrunk in height.

Wearing flowy fabrics really gives off a beautiful look on the petite frame. I love wearing silky, flowy dresses, pants and midi skirts because it gives a great illusion of longer torso and legs.

Photo left to right: Vanillo , Fakerstorm & Diana_mengyan

The Babaton Slip Skirt from Aritzia

I am absolutely obsessed with this skirt and the way it sits on my body. It flows really beautifully along with a pair of slip on kitten heels.

When it comes to wearing midi skirts, I recommend nothing longer than 2-3 inches over the knee. I also think anything midi length and longer needs to be pair with mules/heels to help elongate your legs further.

Sneakers can look really great with midi style dresses and skirts but it will cut your legs off in a unflattering way, as a petite.

Flared Trousers

A personal favorite of mine and something I didn't realize would look great on me until designing my own pair! I find flared trousers to be a staple piece for every petite women.

Flared trousers helps elongate your legs and will give you a very polished overall look. Pair with 2-3 inch heels and you will feel very elevated.


I can't get enough over jumpsuits.. They really are life changing on the petite frame. The Infinity Jumpsuit from Laceu Petites is such a classic staple. It not only hugs in the right places but it really gives off an illusion that the torso and legs are longer.

I believe investing in staple wardrobe pieces is so important. Although there is still a small variety of petite brands out there, I would recommend finding styles and fabrics that will be longer lasting throughout time rather than buying trendy clothing.

Color coordinating

Color coordinating can really play a huge factor in terms of your frame and proportion. Wearing the right colors top and bottom will either balance out your frame or can cut you off.

When I select colors I coordinate them with a lighter color on top and darker on the bottom. This can be reversed but the point is to make sure the colors are balanced out.

Photo by: trulyangieblog

Good luck my loves! <3