How to identify your style as a petite

Petitegrl @Marianna_Hewitt

As we move onto identifying your own style, let's recap what we have went over so far.

Our first chapter walked us through building a foundation using a few staple pieces...Every piece has it's versatility while being timeless at the same time. These pieces I find are great building blocks to piece together a great petite wardrobe.

Now that we have a solid base to work around, we can move onto creating your own personal style.

Begin by asking yourself, how does fashion impact your life? & in what way?

Fashion has been something that intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. I've always known that fashion will be something that would be part of my life, in some shape or form. However I have seen fashion become more present as I was becoming a woman.

Throughout the years of experimenting with styles, fabrics & color palettes, I had realized the power of fashion. It not only was a visual thing but it gave me positive energy as well. I've seen it transform myself from a shy, quiet girl into a strong, relentless, powerful woman.

Now why is fashion so important?

Well whether you think it is or not, I believe fashion helps express and define you as an individual.

Creating your own style is important as figuring out the right foods to eat for your body.

Fashion can make the biggest difference in building your confidence, both inner and outer, empowering yourself & giving you the opportunity to express yourself, artistically & creatively.

Figuring out your style

I think it’s so important to have your own sense of style, your own identity and your own uniqueness that makes you different from the others.

Trends, social media and our society tempts us to dress & look the same.. it’s scary because I caught myself falling into trends not because I liked it but because everyone else was following it..

I now am finding myself again and refining my sense of style.

Today, I don’t go directly to what is trending but to what looks good on my body, my frame and most importantly what makes me feel confident.

As petites, we tend to be overlooked or not really be taken seriously by others. Therefore, I find that when you make small efforts into your presentation, the more confident you will feel and that will radiate into feeling more empowered to take up space where ever you are.

What is your style?

When it comes to figuring out what you want your style to be, focus on your personality and how you present yourself to the world.

Do you like to looked polished or do you prefer to be simple and causal? Are you bold and tough or you funny and care-free?

There is no wrong direction here but it is important to get clear of the direction you want to go.

As I was figuring out my style, I had to go through many phases and trials before getting to my style today.

I began with wearing trendy things and then went towards street style. I loved following trends & street fashion but I didn't realized they didn't fit me and my personality. From there I stopped trying to fit into the crowd and looked for things suited better for my body, my personality and my lifestyle.

It was then where I started to make more investment into quality, classic and timeless pieces. I was tired of buying trendy, fast fashion clothing that I would wear once or twice. From there on, I created my own style to be classic, modern and sexy.

I don't mean to say to stay away from trendy clothing but keep it at a bear minimum. The less trends you wear, the better it is to identify your own style.