How to incorporate high end and low end pieces together (For petite women)

Photo: Jessalizzi

I believe that there is no need to spend so much money on all high end pieces.

It is a choice, an investment and a lifestyle.

I think we tend to get caught up with the lavish brands and clothing we see through social media, so it wires us to believe that is where we should be spending our money.

Don't believe it or fall into that trap...

I truly can say that you don't need to constantly spend a lot of money to look and feel chic and sophisticated.

I, myself am not wealthy nor can I afford $7k on a Chanel handbag right now... that is insane.

Throughout my years working around my budget, I was able to discover how to dress polished and put together, without making a hole in my wallet.

Look for classic styles

Shopping for classic, timeless styles will really make the biggest difference in your shopping experience and wardrobe styling.

Being able to shop for neutral toned colors and classic cuts/styles will be a longer term investment versus shopping for a trendy piece.

Whether you are spending $20 or $250 on a white button up blouse, you are making the right investment. Classic pieces will always be needed and it is important to have a variety of them in your everyday wardrobe.


It took me a while to really learn the importance of saving.

I believe we all deserve a nice piece to splurge on once in a while. However, I do think it is important to save for it rather than using your credit card and suffer through making the monthly payments for the next few years.

Tip: Make a separate savings account for the one item you really want to get.

Example: Vintage Chanel earrings

Use this specific savings account and put money into it whenever you can, until you reach or exceed the limit of the item you have been saving up for.

Having a specific savings account for your item will allow you to not pull out money from your own emergency funds and it will motivate you to save up for your item!

Pre-loved items

It is okay to invest in pre-loved items if it is a more affordable option for you and your current lifestyle.

Sometimes owning pre-loved items gives you the trial run before making a investment on a new, store bought item.

Before making a splurge on a $1,500 Louis Vuitton tote, browse through pre-loved websites first. You never know how much money you can save before making an impulse purchase.

Unique, special pieces

Having a few unique, special pieces in your wardrobe can really add quality into your outfits.

Now what does that really mean?

I have a pair of mules I wear almost everyday to work. I love them so much because they easily go with anything I put together.

My mules are special because of it's beautiful details. The heel is entirely made with crystals which adds character and unique style.

Every time I wear them, I feel expensive and very girly and it cost me only $115.

Remember, it's not just how you spend your money but where you spend your money.

Look for areas in your wardrobe that can use a bit of upgrade. Invest in a few essential pieces and use that as your foundation to building up your own style.


I wasn't the person who was fond over jewelry until realizing how much of a difference it can really make.

I am more of a gold fan and so I enjoy wearing gold rings, necklaces and earrings with my everyday look.

Jewelry doesn't mean you have to buy the real thing. I admit that I don't have any real gold or sliver jewelry but I still feel expensive with the selection of jewelry I wear.

Less is more ladies. Don't overdo it. Accessorize lightly & let the jewelry be the finishing touches to your look.

Best of luck petitegrl!