How to level up yourself as a petitegrl

Self care = self love = self confidence

In order to live a more fulfilling life for yourself, take charge petitegrls!

Start with taking care of yourself.. Do things that revolve around you.

Petitegrl @asdfmichelle

Loving yourself, both the good and the bad. No one is perfect and accepting your imperfections and recognizing your own talents will be empowering.

Confidence comes from the above... you can't be confident if you don't love and care for yourself, so don't ever abandon yourself.

It just takes small efforts but will make a difference on how you will feel...

Some of my ways I recommend to take care of yourself:

  • Doing a skincare regime after work: making my skin feel healthier!

  • 15-30 min night time workout, before bed: helps you sleep so much quicker and better!

  • Hot green tea to start off morning: relaxes & warms my body

  • Manage your finances ladies!!: don't get into debt and have to work all your life to pay back credit cards... manage your expenses and take control of your spending.

  • Learn more about yourself: read self empowerment, finance and girl boss books

  • Journaling: gives me the chance to release my thoughts

  • Taking a walk outdoors: fresh air and surrounding around nature is a free detox for your soul!

  • Be still with yourself: always important to make time to just be in the present moment with yourself

  • Polish up your outfits!: clean presentation always helps you feel more confident

I think living in this generation and society can break you away from the importance of who you are and it is so vital to remember your own value and your own worth.

So petitegrls, remember to take care of yourself and make the best out of the life you are given.

The time is now to level up.

Petitegrl @labelswithlattes