How to : Online Shop for Petites!

Founder of Petitegrls @Cathiepham

Let's face it, online shopping is frustrating and difficult for petites. It honestly feels like getting dropped off at a supermarket as a kid and not knowing which aisle to go to first...

& to make it worse, most of the models are tall, slim or perfectly built with large chest and curves. The constant imagination and wondering how something will look on us is always a guessing game.

Now that we got that rant out of the way, let's make online shopping easier, shall we?

When it comes to online shopping, I would focus on these few pointers.


The fabric plays a huge factor in terms of quality, comfort and fit. Sometimes pictures can be deceiving so do not miss this part!

Remember to zoom into the photos for a better look of the material and read the details of the clothing itself.

I find the material makes such a difference in how a piece will actually fit me and it is why I spend a lot of time looking into the fabric when shopping online. I find the quality also makes a difference in how a piece fits on the body. If you are purchasing something coming out of fast fashion, the more likely it will not look as flattering as something that is better quality.


Look at how the proportions and fit is on the model. Is it loose or tight? How about the length? Is it long or cropped on the model?

When something looks cropped on a model, like a cropped pair of trousers, always expect it to look more like a full pant on the petite frame.

If something looks long on the model, whether it is a dress or pair of shorts, expect that to be much longer on the petite frame. Give or take a few inches difference.

Read the description

The more information the better and this will help you learn more about the piece itself. Use this to your advantage.

The description is there for a reason and many of us skip out of this part! It is important to read through and look for any piece of info that can help you finalize if the item is worth purchasing.

Read the reviews/ratings

There is always something informative in the review section. It will help you narrow down if the item is right for you.

I always find something worth reading through the reviews and it always has helped me make my final decision if I want to purchase something at the end. Whether someone mentions the piece is poor quality, too big or too long, I take that into consideration.

It will take a few trial runs to understand this step to step process but it is something that helps me whenever I online shop for clothes.

Tip: Looking at try-on hauls with similar pieces may give a better expectation. I typically would find someone who is similar to my own body type/size so it is a better reference for me.. This will give you more comfort when viewing pieces online.

Online shopping should be fun and it should be something that rewards you with pieces that will fit and compliment you.

It is not promised that everything will fit perfectly, however following these few pointers will give you a little bit more confidence when shopping for pieces online.

The goal here is to have you be more aware of what to do before you hit the check out button.