More petite representation..Let's make it happen!

Generations after generations it seems like we have accepted that the model standard height has to be 5'9 and up..

Industries like fashion and entertainment have not been that open to petite women for quite some time and it is almost like we are rejected from any kind of opportunity right at the door.

As a petite woman, standing at 5'1, I believe we have the same qualities as a taller woman, to become a high fashion model, actress, news anchor,etc! However, because there are very few representation of petite women in these industries, it has made it even harder to make it in.

Petitegrl @labelswithlattes

This year I was so inspired to do something about this. I need to make a stronger impact where I can voice on this issue that many petite women and I face.

I truly want to shed more light on the petite frame since I believe petites have been overlooked, voided and unacknowledged, not just in fashion & entertainment but in our daily lives.

It is so crazy to know that being petite is not that simple.

We not only face being mistaken as a child sometimes but we also deal with other stigmas that have been voided for decades now like being too short to model.

It seems the standards set by the modeling industry have flooded the world of retail clothing you and I buy. If you're a short woman who shops in conventional clothing stores, you've probably never had the luxury of buying something that actually fits you -- and chances are you're so accustomed to looking like a little girl playing dress up, you're not even conscious of the fact that your clothes are way too big. - HuffPost

With this ongoing issue, I think it is the time we to speak up and use our voice to impact and change how society portrays and views us, as petite women.

Petite women should be celebrated loudly as equals and be given the same kind of opportunities and respect wherever we are.

We may be short in height however I believe we are can achieve anything we put our mind to. This is a reminder that we are powerful and strong women who can conquer and change this world.

What can you do next Petitegrl?

Write down in a journal what you like most about being petite. What truly makes you feel good about yourself? Read this daily and even add to the list if you think of anything new! This routine will grow and strengthen your confidence, as a petite woman.

Goodluck <3