Petite women need to take up SPACE!

I feel like being petite can be challenging, not just revolving around fashion but also in society. As a petite woman, I do find myself being overlooked by others because of how tall I stand and that can make me feel like I don't fit into society's beauty standards.

Whether in the workplace or social settings, our petite height can make others not take us seriously at times... So what can we do as petite women?

Petitegrl @vibewithnat

Take up SPACE!!

Yes..I said it..

It may sound much but it is so true.. It really is time we take more ownership of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world..

Petite women have been perceived time after time as "average" women, with rarely a rising moment or have the opportunity to be placed in the lime light.

Therefore, I finally believe it is time we begin to take up space as petite women, so we can really create a stronger impact for body inclusivity for all.

" There is nothing more powerful than being a woman who owns who she is, regardless of how tall she stands. "

Here are some of my personal key takeaways to owning who you are, as a petite:

Your voice: Use it, don't loose it

Just because we are small, does not mean our voice has to be as well. I know it's is easier said than done but this can truly make the biggest difference on how you see yourself and how others will see you.

It takes time, patience and consistency but once it is mastered, you will realize that you really can speak with authority and confidence, as a petite woman.

I used to be so shy and afraid to speak up because I thought too much about what others thought of me. I felt so small already in my body and never had the courage to raise my voice in front of others. However, I learned throughout my years of experiences that the only way to be heard is to speak up, even if it doesn't come out perfectly.

Your style: Feel empowered in what you wear

Your style can either shrink your frame even more or it can flatter your frame.

& I truly believe having good style and presentation is one of the ways to success.

Having the right choice in pieces that compliment and flatter your frame will reward you with self-confidence and respect, which can help you get through certain obstacles or challenges in life.

When I started to make more effort in styling, it really gave me a boost of confidence in myself. Fashion was something that has helped me feel empowered and to this day, I am happy to see it help give me so much more confidence.

Do what makes you feel uncomfortable

Sometimes what makes you uncomfortable is what really will help you blossom and grow into the person you are destined to be.

I have continually put myself out of my own comfort zone so I can overcome doubt, fear and anxiety. I am never afraid to do something that I can see growth in. & to my petitegrls, that is exactly what you also have to do.

Don't allow stigmas define you, rather mold you into the person you are meant to become.

DITCH Stigmas and Beauty standards for good!!

This is something I learned this year and oh I wish it was something I realized long before!

Beauty standards are so unrealistic to reality. Please repeat that.

What you see is not exactly real..

It is so important you don't allow certain brands, industries or people say that you are not good enough.

Leaving stigmas/standards behind you is going to really help give you the power from within to become the best version of yourself.

You are not meant to blend in, rather you are meant to stand out, in every possible way.

Your beauty does not need to replicate what you see in photos, ads, TV and in another person. YOUR beauty is special because its made just for you. Remember that.