Petites versus fashion industry's beauty standards?

Let's face it, the fashion industry has not yet been inclusive or open to petites.

For decades now, it has been 5'9 models, slim figures and same facial features amongst the group.

Why has the industry not yet been open to the idea of petite fashion or petite models?

Petite fashion blogger and designer, Ayia is redefining the fashion industry and showcasing styles and pieces that can be worn by petite women.

According to my Google search, the standard height requirement to become a model for women is still 5'9 or up.

& why is this beauty standard still current to this day?

I am here to say it is because we, as consumers, idolize these models time after time, giving them attention, envy and desire.

While most women are an average height of 5'4 in the US, why are we using women 5'9 and up to model? Does that any make sense?

Why are we idolizing women who disconnect from us? There is no win or positive thing out of it for petite women... However, brands and industries like fashion and entertainment continue to do this to make us feel like we are not good enough unless we try to dress or look like these specific women.

While brands try to maintain their attention, they also suck you into a bubble where you feel so drawn in and can't get out.

This is why Petitegrls was created, to give petite women a place to shine, to be heard and to build more awareness for the petite community.

The main focus is to open up these closed doors for women of color, size and height in specific industries like fashion, beauty and entertainment.

It is time we diminish these strict beauty standards and give more space to other different types of women than one in particular.

With this community, this gives us a chance to shake up these brands and industries.

Let's continue to embrace ourselves and showcase to the world what it truly means to be a petite women.

We are more than capable of becoming anything we believe we can be, DO NOT fear what society, media or industries have to say.