Style Guide for Curvy Petite Women

For my curvy, hourglasss, pear, banana, apple shaped women...

I know being petite is one difficultly when it comes to shopping but when it comes to finding something that fits your curves, that is another challenge in itself.

I am not curvy but my mom and 3 sisters have curvy figures so I understand their struggles and frustrations when determining what styles compliments their shape.

This is going to be a style guide. (Note that not everything will go exactly with your figure but it will at least give you better direction on what to try out/wear.)

Midi dresses

Midi dresses help define and flatter your natural curves. It's a personal favorite of mine and I think its an essential for every petite women both slim and curvy.

For curvy women with an hourglass shape, I would recommend styles like silk/satin, body con, pleated, ribbed material and so fourth. The hourglass shape is able to pull off midi dresses very easily & nicely.

For pear, banana and apple shaped women, midi dresses that are flowy and loose fitting would be the best complimenting style. I would avoid body hugging dresses since that may accentuate areas that you may not want to show.

Recommended Midi dresses by Cleobella , Nasty Gal, Asos!

I also think midi dresses with a flare style will compliment very well with curvier petite women.

I would recommend wearing body shapers (Spanx or Skims) underneath dress so it can keep everything smooth and sleek. It also will give you more open opportunity to try out different styles without feeling restricted.

Petitegrl @petiteelliee


I like the look of mom styled trousers/denim on curvy petite women. It not only compliments and flatter the figure but it hugs in the right places.

Personally, sticking to a classic and basic color would be what I recommend. However if you are into prints, gingham and plaid will be good patterns to try out as well. Nasty Gal has some affordable options while offering a plus size section!

Other options:

Asos Green trousers

Asos Cigarette Pants

Asos Straight Leg trousers


Loose button up shirts or blouses will help balance out your frame. I would avoid wearing heavy fabric or too sheer of fabrics as those two would not compliment your figure.

As a curvy women, I know large chest is something that is a factor when selecting the right top. I would recommend square cut, mock neck (for larger breast women), bateu and portrait.

A recommendation is this adorable blouse from Express.

Other picks:

Nasty Gal Silk Button up blouse

Nasty Gal Black Tie blouse

Asos Wrap Blouse

Petite blogger: Lydiarosato

Midi Pleated Skirts

Pleated midi skirts are such a classic and elegant style for many petite women. I also think it compliments really well on curvier figures.

The silhouette will not over accentuate but will smooth out your figure, for an overall polished and clean look.

Check out this affordable pleated midi skirt from Nordstrom & Asos!


If you are looking for comfort and a polished look, BHLDN offers a great variety of flat shoes. I personally think comfort is everything but to help elevate the entire look, having a pair of classic pointed style flats will complete it all!

I have recommended this to one of our petitegrls already and I think so many more would love this pair of flats from BHLDN.

Petite blogger: Lydiarosato

Lastly,hairstyles does make a difference.

Having your hair up in a pony tail or bun will keep your look balanced, polished and well put together.

Sometimes have hair down and in your face can distract from your overall look. Play around with different hairstyles and see what best suits you and your frame!

I recommend scrunchies, headband & hair clips which can really enhance your overall look!

Remember, less is more and I say if you can use this guide and mix and match with your own personal styles, I believe your looks will be a lot more elevated.

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Goodluck Petitegrl!

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