Style Guide for petite women over 40's

Petite women come in all shapes, sizes and age range!

This style guide is for my petite women who are above 40's but anyone can take away these fashion tips!


Color Palette

A color palette is very important to follow as we mature through time. Having colors that remain timeless will help make styling so much simpler!

I recommend to have basic staple colors before investing into vibrant colors for your wardrobe. Earthy tones & shades of pastels are nice colors to follow.

Material, less is more

As we mature, having too much material can be overpowering. Although it is nice to wear certain drapey or oversized styles for comfort, I recommend to keep it as balanced as possible.

Wearing light weight fabrics like silk and linen blouses will not only keep your look polished but it will be easy to wear and managed throughout the day.

If it gets cold, you can pair a structure blazer, trench or light cardigan over to keep the look remaining proportioned.

Keep the bottom simple as possible. Ankle trousers, Culottes and Midi skirts are classic styles that can be versatile and easy to pair with almost anything.

Minimize patterns and substitute for vibrant colors

Personally, patterns can come off very busy and distracting for mature women. I recommend going for vibrant colors to brighten up your complexion & overall look instead!

Simple patterns I would recommend are plaid, gingham and stripes. Avoid too much floral, polka dots or abstract designs.


Taking the time to invest in quality pieces is so important as you mature.

Having higher quality pieces will sit nicely on your body but it will also maintain it's longevity throughout time.

A few staples I recommend to invest in are camisoles, button up blouses, trousers, denim and outerwear.

Be open & explore new styles

It is so important to not narrow your styles as you mature.. I see so many women do so and there eventually becomes a restriction on what you can and cannot wear.

Style should be embraced throughout time and whether you are young or mature in age, you should have the confidence in yourself to rock anything you want.

Continue to try new styles. Explore and experiment with trends. Don't hold yourself back because you never know what you may discover!

Goodluck ladies!