Style Guide for Petites : Polished and relaxed


The polished and relaxed style is one of my favorites.

This style is for the simple yet stylish girl who loves to keep herself well put together. She is effortless but chic at the same time.

When it comes to dressing polished and relaxed, it all comes down to investing in quality pieces.

From jewelry, basics to footwear, quality comes first for this style.

It is not to say you can't be budget friendly, however you may not exactly pull off this style as well as someone who invests in the quality over quantity.

Presentation is fresh & clean. Hair is sleek or always nicely styled and makeup is minimal.

Fashion pieces are typically basics in neutral & earthy tones.

As for accessories, a mix of gold/silver jewelry is a must. A few rings, necklace and earrings to elevate the look.

Handbag will either be a classic designer bag of choice or from a sustainable, ethical brand.


Benson Cardigan is a beautiful piece that can be dressed polished or effortless. Pair it with matching pants or trousers to elevate the look.

Ty Cardigan is another great investment piece that I own in several colors in my closet. I find it is so easy to style and it can look so polished when paired with trousers and loafers. I find neutral colors like taupe, moss green, beige and gray are great shades to work with.

Round-Trip Cashmere Cardigan is the perfect piece if you enjoy staying cozy and stylish at the same time. Cashmere is one of the best investments to make when you are going into this style and it will be something that will remain timeless in your closet.

Lacer Cardigan is for you if you are looking for something chic and stylish! I always recommend to have a few texture pieces in your wardrobe to help add dimension to your outfits. LESS is more though so keep textures to a minimum when styling it with other pieces.


The Leona Crop Blouse is a gorgeous piece that can be dressed both effortlessly and dressy. You can easily pair this with high waisted denim and white mules. Throw a slouchy cardigan over top and add in a few gold jewels to finish off the look.

The Ida Top by Camila Coelho is another blouse that has so much versatility. Although it is black, it can be worn with denim, trousers, midi skirt or shorts! When it comes to working this around this style, I would pair it with black cigarette trousers and white sneakers. From there layer a long black textured cardigan and gold accessories.

Black on black gives off an illusion of longer torso and legs. It pretty much elongates your frame.


Adira Trench Coat in the color bone is a great overlay for this style. When it comes to looking polished and effortless, you have to remember to mix in the right set of pieces together. This trench coat can be easily paired with denim or trousers and it is why I recommend it.

Ellie Denim Jacket paired with a white turtle neck, tailored brown trousers and sneakers is the perfect combo for effortless and polished.


Luna 75 Heel is an investment piece but worth every penny. I find nothing is better than having a good pair of quality heels to help amplify you everyday looks and this heel does the job.

Trish Sneaker from All Saints is by far my favorite pair of sneakers in my own closet. It not only is super comfortable but it is so easy to pair with anything I have.

Santos Heel is classy yet polished on the feet. Pair it with some ankle cut trousers and a sweater like the Missie Mock Neck for a clean and effortless look.


Shea Necklace is a dainty piece that is a great collectable when working around this specific style. It will work well with a lot of tops and isn't too over powering on the neck/chest area.

Leah Ring simple but classic style ring that adds a timeless approach to your outfit.

Petite Melrose 32MM Watch is a minimalistic and staple piece that can help amplify any look, whether it is causal or comfy.

Other Accessories

Unreal! sunglasses is a piece to spoil yourself with. It is the classic yet staple accessory piece to have when dressing polished and relaxed.