The Power Of Fashion...

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How does fashion impact your life? & in what way?

Fashion is part of my identity and has really helped mold me into the person I am today.

Throughout the years of experimenting with styles, brands, fabrics & color palettes, I had realized that fashion has so much power to make you feel good, both inside and out. From there I knew fashion was something I will always want to be a part of my life, in some shape or form.

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Why is fashion so important?

Whether you think it is or not, I believe fashion helps express and define you as a person.

Finding your own style is important as figuring out the right foods to eat for your body. I believe making the time to find the right pieces that compliment you is an effort we all should make.

A bit of effort will make the biggest difference from building up your confidence, both inner and outer & giving you the opportunity to express yourself, artistically & creatively.

Now re-access by asking yourself these questions (1 min per question) :

  1. Can you describe your style in three words? Y/N

  2. What do you like about your style? Y/N

  3. Does your style make you feel confident? Y/N

  4. How much time do you invest into your style?

If answering the first question is already hard for you, then take a step back and reflect on your choices and efforts when it comes to fashion. Are you putting in enough effort?

It is completely okay to not know what your style is or to not have one yet. Everything can be improved, as long as you are willing to make the effort to make those improvements in your life.

If money is your push back to discovering your style, I share how to incorporate and high end pieces with affordable pieces.

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