Petite and insecure?

I feel like because of the standard model height brands and media portrays to society, more petite women are ashamed or afraid to admit their height.

Time after time, I believe shorter women have felt embarrassed not being tall enough & this ongoing insecurity makes us feel like being petite /short is not a favorable thing.

However, let me tell you that being petite should be celebrated and your height is wonderful, special and beautiful. There is no need to hide your height, rather embrace it for what it is.

Petitegrl @kweepeixi

Here are reasons why you should embrace and enjoy being petite!

If things are too big, we CAN get it tailored...

Let's face it, getting clothing tailored can be annoying sometimes, especially when a lot of clothing don't fit us right... However I will say that at least we can get things tailored.

Imagine being too tall, you can't stretch out the material or add more material, it just will have to be a hard pass!

There are so many of us

Do you realize how many petite women there are on this planet? Between 5'1-5'3 is the average height in the US alone. I find that to be so incredible.

I know it may feel like we just blend in with one another however I see it as having a community of women who are similar in height and can relate to one another!

We are basically like sisters!

We are front line for photos

I am not sure if any of you favor this one but I sure do!

When it comes to group or team photos, I love having the excuse to be in front and center.

Always be photo ready ladies!

Dating is a lot more simpler!

I personally love this one because it is such a hidden bonus for us petitegrls!

When it comes to dating, there is no need to worry if we will be taller than the guy or debate if we should pass on the heels. We CAN do both!

I can't help but to think how cute it is seeing a tall guy with a petitegrl <3

We are more than meets the eye

I find a lot of people may underestimate us based on how we physically appear. I can say that there is so much more we have to show and being able to take people by surprise just makes it even better.

We are unique

Height and weight are just numbers at the end of the day.

Don’t ever fear or worry about them, whether it is coming from yourself or from others. You mean so much more than these numbers...

The next time you dread your height, remember that.