Why is your outer presentation important?

When it comes to leveling up yourself as a petite women, I find having good presentation is important.

I know we will have days where putting yourself together will not be a main priority and that's okay ladies.

However I personally think when you make the effort to clean up your presentation, from skincare, hair, makeup to outfit, it will help give you a boost of inner and outer confidence as a petite.

Petitegrl @Mariannahewitt

My 4 beauty rituals I stick to are:

  • Skincare, it is a must for me and I never skip a night. Having clean and healthy skin gives me confidence and makes me happy!

  • Hair care, whether its investing in quality hair wash or brushing your hair before bed and as you wake up. I find taking care of your hair is an important factor to your overall presentation.

  • Style, another important part of my presentation and it has been ever since elementary school. I think having a good outfit on can do wonders and who doesn't like to wear nice clothes?

  • Makeup, less is more ladies and I find just learning how to do your brows right is so much beautiful than packing on layers of eyeshadow.

  • Diet, by drinking Matcha green tea everyday, I get a sense of clarity and clearer focus. I also find drink tea feels so much more healthier than drinking coffee.

So why should you put in more effort into your presentation petitegrls?

As petites, we tend to be overlooked or not really be taken seriously by others. Therefore, I find that when you make small efforts into your presentation, the more confident you will feel and that will radiate into feeling more empowered to take up space where ever you are.

The more whole you feel, the more confident you will feel, no matter how tall you stand.

I say never allow your height be something that keeps you from being the confident person you are meant to be!