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Height: 5'1
Age: 29
Bay Area, Ca

Samantha Mui is Author of Melting Pot, a cookbook created to empower Millennials in the Kitchen. Samantha is also a former Miss Congeniality for Miss Asian Global 2017, a Speaker at Imagine Talks & a culinary blogger! She uses her passion for cooking to share her personal stories and memorable recipes revolving around her Chinese culture & life experiences. Samantha proves that anything is possible as long as you believe it is possible.

She is an inspiration for millennials but also for Asian Americans, proving that despite the odds, she was able to transform her recipes into a career.

Let’s get to know our Petitegrl, Samantha!
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Q: What inspired you to write and publish your own cookbook?
A: When I was a kid I curled up at the bookstores and library and would read Chicken soup for the soul and read any picture books about food and I just wanted to share stories that were relevant to my asian american story + with recipes. I wanted to make a cookbook that shared those experiences.
Q: What adversities did you face while creating/writing Melting Pot?
A: To have people believe an idea. Having to create something that I knew not everyone would understand until it was in the finished product.
Q: Have you ever been treated differently because of your height?
A: I mean people always state the obvious and would be like wow you're so short, or i had no idea you’re this short in-person. But as I get older, I don’t think it comes from a bad place, I think some people just share their opinions out loud. To me it’s a matter of fact. Like it’s a fact, I am not tall lol
Q: What personal challenges have you faced as a petite woman?
A: Hard to find jeans! I’m a thick thighed Asian woman who needs everything cuffed lol but on a more serious note, i think i have had a hard time for people to take me seriously. Being petite is just one factor on top of it I have  naturally a bubbly personality that is often seen as someone who lacks professionalism or can’t perform.
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Q: What do you like about being petite? (First thing that comes to you!)
A: Haha this is funny! I can date short, medium, tall people! Not that should ever matter but I like the idea that if i date someone short, it’s not a big deal cause im short too. But if i was tall, it might make me think twice ( kinda vain) I guess but i guess i don’t even have to deal with that!
Q: Do you feel confident with your height?
A: Yea! I think it’s taken me a while but i don’t think too much about it anymore. God gave me this body and there’s nothing I can do to change it. So can’t sweat about it!
Q: Have you ever felt insecure about being petite?
A: Heck Yea! But more so being a curvy petite asian girl. I use to mentally photoshop my head on other people’s bodies. It was so draining for a middle school girl to deal with.
Q: Have you ever felt insecure about being petite?
A: Absolutely no! If I ever wanted some extra height, I wear my favorite pumps! Lol I think also life is too short (no pun intended) to give a shit about something that you can’t really change.
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