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Height: 4'11
30, El Paso, Texas
I am currently a New York Life agent, trying to become a Registered Representative. I am excited to be representing the petite community by becoming a financial advisor.
I look forward to taking up space in my industry and serving my community through my services - and  in return inspire others to do the same.
I am also a freelance singer/actress in my community. I always look forward in participating in more independent films and expressing myself through my passion for singing - performing covers and songwriting.
I truly believe It is so important to always go after what makes you happy. Although life gets busy, going back to your roots will ground you as a person and offer you clarity in who you are.
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Q: What would you say has been your biggest struggle as a petite woman?
A: The biggest struggle being a petite woman for me has been finding clothes that fit right. I have such a hard time finding pants that really fit and accentuate my tiny frame the right way. There’s really no store out there that truly tailors to all petite frames (maybe a clothing line can solve that for us?? LOL). But really, it is such a bummer, with so many clothes out there and not being able to flaunt them! This really makes it hard for me to be free and express my style truly.
Q: Has your height stopped you from doing something you wanted to do like modeling, acting, show biz, managerial position, etc?
A: You know what, yes. I have always loved doing modeling, for fun. I think there’s always this belief that models are tall and thin… well I’m thin but I don’t have the height. So yes, that’s always been an obstacle. But I know times are changing and there’s more acceptance now than there ever was, so that should create more opportunities for our petite community. 
Q: Have you ever felt overlooked for being shorter than others?
A: Actually no. I have been made fun (in a cute way) about my height, but with no harm intended. Instead of taking it in an offensive way, I celebrate it. :) My (small) group of good friends have always been very supportive and loved me just the way I am. In the workplace I have been extremely blessed to have supportive management. Being a female in an almost all male industry can be tough, but I don’t think it has to do with height. 

Stephanie Frias

Has your height ever been an insecurity?

Yes and No.

As a petite woman, I have been overlooked as “child like” because of my petite frame but I see that as a perk. Being a petite has made me feel youthful, cute and unique!


I have also always worn high heels with most of my outfits. I felt that being elevated from wearing heels has made me feel much more empowered and confident. 


Now that I am 30 years old, I am learning to love myself in new and different ways. My boyfriend has been someone who has helped me discover more things that I love about myself and my petite frame!


Sometimes you need a little push from someone to learn to love yourself in a brand new way.


Acting and singing have always been a passion of mine since I was little. Participating in independent feature films in my community is something I look forward to every year.  Throughout the my life I have learned so much from other actors and directors. I realized everybody works differently and in their own unique way, which in return helped me grow as a performer. Singing has been such a joy in my life as well. I found that singing has given me an outlet to truly express myself.  

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