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Height: 5'2
47, Arkon, Ohio
I am currently a mechanical engineer for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, but I am also the owner of Charrish11 Boutique which is an online clothing boutique for petite, plus size, and average height women. My boutique isn’t super expensive like most petite boutiques that I have seen online. I try to make sure my items don’t break the bank, and my items are good quality clothing as well.
My goal is to educate women on how to style their bodies by learning their body types. Since I am a pear shape, ladies that are shaped like me now have someone to represent them. I also educate women that being petite does not mean that your body type is small and that you have to weigh under 115 pounds.
In the fashion industry, petite only refers to women who are 5’4” and under and not your body type. This is a misconception and I want to emphasize that petite women come in many different shapes and sizes. I’m all about educating women on how to style their bodies. 
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Q: What has made you feel accepting as a petite or do you still struggle to accept?
A: I’ve always felt accepting as a petite. The one thing I love to see is petite women doing the impossible. My curvy model is also petite at 4’11” and they told her she couldn’t be a model, but she has proven them wrong! Not only does she model for me, but she has modeled for other companies as well. So the sky is the limit for us petite ladies.
Q: What would you say has been your biggest struggle as a petite woman?
A: My biggest struggle is trying to find clothes that fit my short and curvy body. Which is why I started my online boutique called Charrish11 for petite, curvy, plus size & average height women. I cater to women who understands the struggle of trying to find clothes to fit their body types.
Q: Does your height matter to you?
A: My height has never been an issue. I love my height and guys do to! Lol!  I’ve always got positive feedback from the men that they prefer petite women. So I wouldn’t change being petite for the world.

Word of advice for the petite community?

I want petite women to be bold, be proud, and be confident in themselves! There are a lot of us in this world and the more we bring awareness, the more the fashion industry will take notice and make a change.

Where does your passion lie?

I’m all about educating women on how to style their bodies. I have fashion tip Tuesdays on my instagram page which is @charrish11, and I teach them how to style their body type along with other fashion tips. I also have a body type quiz on my website where you can take and I will provide a few styling tips after you receive your results from the quiz.

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